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My Brother
This is my family and friends
At one time there was Peace and Love!
"Lifes Busy World" 
By: ~ Sharon Ann Cressy~
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"This Is A Story Of A One Eagle"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"May Peace And Light, Love Be With You Always!"
By: ~ Sharon Ann Cressy~

"What Great GrandFather Tell Me"
By: ~ Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Choose The Life Of Reality"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
Life Is What We Make It!
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
Dedicated To My Brother 
"The Rose Of Freedom "
( So Is Man Him Self )
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
Pictures Of Estes Park, Colorado & Shops In Town
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~ 
Pictures of Family  Pictures of Estes Park, Colorado
And The horse ride
~Sharon Ann Cressy~  Pictures Done By: ~David Cressy~

Pictures of Family And the oil painting and Bead work that I have  done.
"The Given Name" 
"The Man And His Conquest"
"The Good Bye Is So Final At The End"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"These Are the things that My Brother Did"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Welcome To My Home"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"A Friend Is To Me"!
This is Dedicated to Twofeatherscreek My Very Best Friend.
And the things that I made For him which was a Honor to Do!
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Magic Fan" 
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"In My Mind"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Feelings Of Earth"
" The Gift We Forgotton In Time"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

" Is This War Needed Or Peace And Love With Us"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"As I sing My Song"  
"As The Tear Drops Fall"
"To Lie To Be Kind"  
"A Picked Flower"  
"As Love Is Free"
"Death Before My Eyes"  
"Come To My Heart"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

This is Dedicated to MrBEEP ( Keoma )
As The Evening Falls
"What I See In Beauty"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

This is Dedicated To WildCandle
"The Wild White Candle"  Pictures
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"The Beauty Of Life"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

Dedicated To Margaret And Walking Eagle
"Another Angel Joins..." By  Jaxter Daye
"Whisper So Softy" 
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"Something Happen Tonight" 
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"When Did You Think"   "My Pride Has Been Broken"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"A Dream That Lasted All Night"   " Hurting Words"
"My Spirit Is Free"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"There Is A Garden" 
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

This is Dedicated To walkenwolf,eaglewolf & breez
"Two Wolfs In A Far Land"  "That Eagle Fly`s"  "Your Heart Is So Free"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This is Dedicated To Jim Morris And Jack Dracula
"A Wish That Came True In The Mind Of Dreams"
"Reach Out To A Friend"    "May We All"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

Welcome To Whitefeather`s Crafts!!
These are the things that I do!
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This is Dedicated To Fhmouse ( Friedbert Fred Hoppe )
"The Light Was Shown" 
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"What Is The True Meaning Of Christmas" By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy
"Merry Christmas"  
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

" I think Within My Soul"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This is Dedicated to all the men and woman of the Military U.S,  Forces.
"Where Angles Fly"  
"Little Teddy Bear"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Light Of Love"
"A Great White Owl"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This is Dedicated to Travis Wills ( White Owl )
"See The Morning Light"    "Hello Its Morning"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This is Dedicated to: Alaskancherokee  ( Kanita )
"Youur Heart and Its beauty of the Soul"  "Endless"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"The Thought Is Always There"
" The Mistaken Ones"
By:  ~Max Ehrmann~
Done By ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Dream That Came True But Didn`t Last"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Think Learn The Truth Within Our Selves!"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"My Blood Brothers And Sisters"  "I heard in The Wind"
By:  ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This is Dedicated to
The Undertaker ( Mark Callaway )
The Undertaker Is A Professional Athlete Champion Wrestler
He is A very good fan of mine!
"Bewear Of The Undertaker"    
"I`m Just One Man"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"Oh Mother Dear"
This is Dedicated to:
My Mom
In Memory too:
Pearl A. Norwood
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"There Is A Mountain"
Written By,
~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"Two People That Cared"
"The Cares Of One Self"
"Only One Can"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Hurtful Ones"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Listen Too Mother Earth" 
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
This page is Dedicated Too:
Eric Schroeder
In His Memory
Many knew Eric Schroeder as:
Man-O-the Sea, Abelkainl,
ManO or Flip_Flop
Passed away June 2, 2005
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"I`m A Child Please Don`t Hurt Me"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
In Memory William Edward Perry 
This page is Dedicated Too
William Edward Perry
Born January 28, 1939
Died April 9, 1977
Written By, his loving daughter
Charlotte A.. Perry
Also known as foxy94
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Remember The Old Days"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"We Are Not Alone"
"My Dear Jesus"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Net Of Chat Rooms"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Diamonds Sparkle With Love"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Three feathers Were Of Beauty" 
  Dedicated too:
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
Dedicated too: littlewhitepolarbear my Son  Robert
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Dedicated too walkenwolf "
     Who passed away 
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~

"The Art Of Players" And  "Can't Stop Thinking Of You"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Cats And Dogs Are Funny"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"How Sad When People Beat Animals"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"I Love You But!!"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"The Mistakes We Make"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"This Website Is Dedicated Too!"
John And Dixie
On there Wedding day
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"My Dear Friend Christine!"
Passed Away January 6, 2007
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Stop And Consider "
"Live Beyond Fear"
"Up To You" 
"How many trees are in the seed?"
"You Can Do It"
"The Courage to Be You"
"Raise Your Expectations" 
By: ~Ralph Marston~
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy

"If Tomorrow Never Comes "
By: ~ Norma Cornett Marek ~ 

"The Awakening"
"The Love Story That’s Kept a Secret"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"Sometimes It Hard To Deal     With Issues"
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
"So How Can We All Share Love In A True Manner"? 
By: ~Sharon Ann Cressy~
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"I Heard In The Wind"

Many read my writings on my website.
And understand what I'm writing about.
What I write does not mean it's about one person.
And some don't like what I write about.
It is because many can't face what is being said.
And this may be so.
But one must think in their hearts and souls.
Why does it bother them?
That is the answer that must be answered by each individual.
I'm writing what I feel that comes from my heart and soul.
And what I write bothers many.
If it does then they have too search it out within them selves.
And ask why, Not I!!
If others think I judge them I'm not.
As I have not mention any names to cut anyone down by name.
The only names that are mention in my website are people that I have knew and know.
And the ones that I knew that have passed over to the Creator.
Its how others are and if they have a guilt problem then they must fine out why!
Some are in the self-denials and won't deal with there problems.
As the truth they can't face.
So if others have a problem of what I write it is their problem not mine!
Others need to fine out why it bothers them.
Does it hit something inside that one person that it bothers so much?
Is it eating them away inside that one can't face?
It's a wake up call?
These are the things that one must ask (him or her) self.
I mean no disrespect to anyone.
And I'm not judging anyone this is how others are in life today.
It's how they act in life and how they treat others.
But if others have a problem with that, then it's there problem!! Deal With It!! And fine out why there is a problem!!

Written By,
Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 2:15 P. M. to 2:37 P. M.
June 10, 2004
  "Do Others Know Me"

I come far away to help others in need.
But do others know me?
I make others cry not know why I touch them so.
But they see the light of what is said.
There are others that do not understand me.
But I try to do my best and what is asked of me.
Because that is all the creator asks of me is to help each day.
I hold my head up high and stand tall.
To be proud of whom I am and what I am.
I have many gifts to share.
But do you know who I am?
The spirits tell me thing in my dreams.
I ask for the creators help to guide my way.
To the right roads and to honor my fellow man.
I hold no sides, as that is not for me to judge anyone.
I can understand why others are the way they are.
And having the knowledge to know understanding.
To know that I have too love me before I can love anyone.
But I know the pain of life and the roads that never ended.
I walked in the dark not knowing when it was the end.
The light has come upon me and the gift I have been given.
I feel the tears that have fallen upon many.
Not know whether there was a new life out there.
We make our selves sick with worries, hate.
Unkind words are said and we take them upon our selves and take it in and not letting it go.
We blame ourselves for things that we should not do.
But that is told to us and we take that burden upon us never letting it go.
Dwelling in the passed of what has happened in life.
It maybe guilt of what others may say.
If a loved one go into the light and things are not done right the spirit stay to make things right.
And if there has been guilt that we feel we must ask why.
We hold things inside and never let it go.
When this is done we are hurting the mental and physical body of our selves.
The sickness comes within us and we become sick.
If there is hopelessness there is nothing.
But If there is light there is hope.
And know one knows me.
I walk in the woods and see the uncaring of the land.
How people have no respect for them selves or Mother Earth.
Tear fall upon my face seeing what man has done.
We have made Mother Earth sick and our sleeves.
By not understand our sleeves and Mother Earth.
But you do not know who I am.
I see many things that are happening but it is not said.
There is anger, hate, despair, confused,
There is no love nor understanding or knowledge to understand.
We have a choice that we can make, but whether we take that choice is up too others.
As I can not make choice`s for others it is up to  them  Written By,

 Sharon Ann Cressy
Time: 11:15 P.M.
   Sunday, June 9, 2002

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I`m sorry that my Oil Paintings are not in here!
My paints are not for sale and never will be!
People just do not keep there words!!
Enought is Enought !

These are all the negtive things we should and must throw away in life to grow on and learn!
It looks funny this way but if you really look at the issues  of things in life that you really want to get rid of in your life! The lying ,cheating, coning, stealing, attitudes, ego.
We get rid of the bad things that we are tought
"The Back Stabber’s of Life"